About me

My name is Elena and I work as Full Stack Developer at SpeedCurve.

I code websites and mobile app backends since 2004 and have interest in all things web, automation with recent tech and developer experience. Since the beginning of my career in tech I helped several startups and development teams to navigate the challenges of growth and scaling by doing variety of hands-on front and backend coding along with suggesting ways to streamline tasks and processes for efficiency. I enjoy participating in full cycle development including shaping the product from user experience perspective. You can find my full work history on my LinkedIn page.

Originally from Siberia in ex-USSR I spent 10 years in beatiful New Zealand and live in the Pacific North West now.

A sunset view near Mailbox Peak summit in winter, WA, USA

In free from work time I explore outdoors, usually on my feet and with my camera, hiking, climbing mountains and running off-road trails. My current ongoing adventure projects are: climbing all Washington state highest volcanos, running all New Zealand great walks and doing other fun things in between including learning astrophotography.

If you would like to chat please drop me a line at hello@elenakay.info 👋